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(Practical application of the Teachings of the Masters in everyday life)

by Jorge A. Carrizo

Lecture given at the AMTF Summer Conference, Mount Shasta, California on August 11th, 2002 [Transcript by Marcela Castillo]


.......I faced the same dilemma of all my fellow speakers -specially Solange and Karyn- when I had to come up with a title for the conference... and immediately, in that!... so I gave the title that you see in the summary [i.e. "Practical aplication of the Teachings in everyday life"] even though deep in my heart I know that the title of this conference is "True Love". And in order to do it the way it should be done, we might as well, invoke the wonderful Beings that handle "True Love", to see what we mean when we talk.


Please close your eyes, sit with your back straight, and take a deep breath, inhaling the pure essence of life, the divine prana given to us by the Holy Spirit when we incarnate and taken from us by the same Holy Spirit when we leave our bodies at the end of this lifetime. And in this state of mind, join me mentally in saying: "Oh Beloved Mighty Presence of God "I AM", You are the only source of life, You are the only Power in the whole universe. To Thee we raise our thanks and praise, for this gift of life that You pour through us, with every beat of our hearts, that says Thy Name - "I AM"... "I AM"... "I AM"! In Thy name, Almighty Presence "I Am", we invoke right here, humbly, lovingly, yet firmly... we DEMAND the Presence and radiation of Beloved MahaChohan and Beloved Master Paul the Venetian.

Beloved Maha Chohan and Beloved Paul, COME... COME... COME! We all gathered here acknowledge you and love you. We demand that Your words pour through the ears of whoever is listening here, and ignite the flame of the I AM in the heart of the listener, in the eyes of the beholder. We also request the Beloved Presence of Master El Morya, Master Saint Germain, Beloved Mother Mary and, of course, of our Beloved Master Serapis Bey -whose name we chose to ensoul in this world of form- come here so that Your radiation and Your love be present in manifested form from now on, in the hearts, bodies and lives of all here present. Thank you, Father, for it is so.

Please open your eyes and come back to the classroom.



.......There is a big risk with this Teaching (and, as a matter of fact, with all spiritual teachings), in that it should turn out to be something intellectual, something of the mind, and just as I said on Thursday, the risk here is for this [Teaching] to become a "teaching of the I KNOW" instead of the "teaching of the I AM". And I have to start this lecture by saying that there is a risk of doing so because a lot of students believe that they are "chelas" just because they issue a few decrees once in a while, usually when they find themselves in "dire straits". I have come to realize something that Archangel Michael says often: "You guys call on us when you find yourselves in a tight spot, but when you have a party at home..... forget all about Archangel Michael! But when you are in a tight spot and some strange characters are following you on a dark street, oh yes, then rapidly you invoke: "Archangel Michael, please give me your divine protection", and so on and so forth; but when you are having a nice time, you forget about us." And a lot of students believe that they are students (or "chelas") of Saint Germain just because when they see a traffic accident, they say: "Violet Flame, cover this." And that's it! Or when they say, "well, I do the daily applications. I take five minute of my day, I say the Guardians of the Truth, I do the application, I issue these decrees." And everything in a hurry, because I am late!.. Hurry up!, you know, real quick and that's it, I am done! I am part of the team." I just want to let you know that people like this are the ones mentioned by beloved El Morya when He talks about the advanced people of the race [cf. The First Ray]. And I quote: "You guys bear the brunt of the blame for this state of affairs in the world." Those who think that they ARE advanced simply because they handle a lot of fancy words or keep in mind a lot of concepts that they have read about; because they see all these books published by Werner, and say with a movement of the hand: "Oh, all this is elementary stuff, I've read it all." And they feel that way because they say that they are advanced students of high spiritual knowledge. And that, my dear brothers and sisters, is the very high risk I started talking about, because, you know what? Is with that kind of attitude that one falls asleep [spiritually speaking]. And to make matters worse, if you are asleep and you know so, you could and would do something about it... you more or less could or would try to wake up. But if you you think you are awake even though your are sound asleep [spiritually speaking], you'd say: "What are you talking about "being asleep"? That doesn't concern me because I am fully awake! I am fully aware!" And, in truth, you are sleeping the sleep of the ages. An that's the worst of it all!


.......One of the things that I faced when I embarked in the teachings of the Bridge, was the fact that everybody was called "chela", to the point that I came to think that "chela" was the equivalent of "student of the Light", chela equals disciple. I must say that this road leading towards Home is not straight. For me it has had many curves, detours, pitfalls, etc.; and in one of these detours, four years ago, I really HAD to make a choice -in like a life-or-dead situation, more or less, for the spirit- which made me suffer a great deal. Beloved Master Germain gave me the clue, came to my rescue because I didn't know what to do. The beforementioned "detour" left me dead in the water, I was down, depressed, I suspeded all my translation work and couldn't get myself in gear to do anything. I went completely into total shock. My students knew something was happening with me, but I kept to myself. "As long as I am like this," I said to myself," I won't tell them anything." I felt I shouldn't pollute them with my state of affairs. Since some time in the past I had taken the Three Refugees of Tibetan Buddhism [from a true lama in the Woodstock, NY lamastery], which entail that all seekers of the Light have access three refugees in the path of enlightment: the group [the "sangha"], the teachings [the "dharma"] and the Master [the "buddha"], and since the first one [the so-called group] had failed (I found myself in a situation wherein all my so-called "spiritual friends" abandoned me, the group turned out to be non-existant], I said, "let's go on to the second level, to the second "Refuge", the teachings [the "dharma"]. And even though I didn't feel like doing so, I reassumed my work of translating to Spanish the Teachings of the Masters [here, the "Bridge's Journals" from the beginning], one word at a time. It was like swimming upstream fully dressed, you know, it took me forever. I said to myself, "I have to get out of this state of affairs no matter what".

.......And, soon enough, beloved Saint Germain gave me the answer, taking away 50% of the weight I felt was burdening me, when in the March '53 issue of the Journal, He stated something so transcendental that I have to quote directly [cf. The Bridge Journals, vol.1, p. 150]:

»Some lifestreams are content through centuries of evolution....»

-it is not a matter of yesterday or the day before, He is talking here of centuries -

»...with the same guide, the same instructor, the same religion, the same way of thinking, who is evolving just a little bit ahead of these changes and who, his vision growing clear, is their day star...»

-You see a group of students and its instructor. Beloved Saint Germain says some people are content with this relationship FOR CENTURIES! And then He adds:

»This is good!»

-There is nothing wrong with that! Some people would approach you and say, "you are always with the same instructor, what's the matter with you?" Well, nothing's the matter! That's good! Then the Master goes on saying:

»Other travelers change guides when their own vision exceeds that of his former preceptor, loving and blessing his light, but attaching themselves to a new guide who can see more clearly, the path ahead.»

-In other words, you are with an instructor/facilitator/teacher and suddenly you find yourself seeing the Teachings clearer than your instructor. To stay with such instructor for the illusive concept of loyalty is not a good idea. As a matter of fact, one day I remember, way back in the pre-historic eras, that I heard a student said, "you know, I see this book, but I will not buy it nor read it, because my instructor doesn't have it and he hasn't read it." When I retorted, "What are you talking about?", he answered, "No, no, I cannot touch that [book] because until my instructor reads it, I am not allow to read it myself," which at the time led me to utter the unkind statement, "That's really stupid of you!" Needless to say, such comment didn't make me his favorite person! But suddenly I see Saint Germain here saying: if your instructor is blind in one eye and has 90% cataracts on the other eye, you are 100% blind, and this person sees a little more than you, but suddenly you have an operation of your eyes... to keep on following this person would not be wise. And what do you do? You look for an instructor who sees the road clearer than you, however, loving and blessing the light of your former preceptor. And that means, don't you EVER (with a capital "E") talk badly about a former instructor. None of the so-called, "I left this or that instructor because he doesn't know anything, because he is elementary, I had to look for somebody with substance"...etc. NEVER! Always love and bless your first-grade teacher. Even though you are now a PhD in atomic chemistry, it doesn't make any difference, you should always talk with reverence about that first-grade teacher, even though you can really spin circles around him (or her), as far as knowledge is concern. But he/she was necessary, indispensable in that first year of school for you. That's the special attitud required. I call on your attention to to the word "attitude", because you are going to be listening to it all through my lecture. That's the key. Get a new teacher when your own vision exceeds that of your former preceptor, not when I get mad with my former instructor because he scolded me for something you did wrong. And then I change instructor and I say, "this guy doesn't do me any good", that is not the key for changing. The key is: "I already see more than my instructor," not because I got upset nor because I don't like his style -because perhaps that style is what you need for your development. But here comes the key part:

»Finally, individuals come to a point...»

-and I like the word "finally". You see, one thing I discovered, when working with the teachings of the Masters, is that the choice of words is very peculiar. The Masters very seldom say, "You HAVE TO do this or that. You MUST do such and such." Oh, no, They go the way of, "It would be nice... it would be wise... if you should decide...." So when the Masters say: "You MUST...", I say, "oops, attention, there's something important here. "

»Finally individuals come to a point...»

-It is not that they SHOULD come to a point, or that we wish they'd come to a point...-

»Finally they come to a point when their own vision is developed enough to see through the eyes of the Masters, and those disciples become the chelas. Sharing the vision and accepting...»

-here comes the key word:

»...ACCEPTING the responsibility of making that vision fact.»

....... That is the key. And I ask: "Are you a chela? "Yes, yes, sure," you answer, "I am a chela of the Masters." ARE YOU? Are you working on making fact the plan of the Masters? "Well, gee, not really, you see, you have to understand that I have a business... I have a family.... I have to take care of my father/mother/uncle/children, etc. and you know that's hard work!" Then, if that's the case, don't call yourselves "chelas"... because you are not! You WISH you were! You would like to be... but you are not! And then, if you are not a chela, I would ask you, where is your instructor? "Oh, I have no instructor. I am on my own." Then I say, "boy, you are in trouble. You are bound to get lost." Because this Spiritual Path is like a golf course, full of creeks, sand traps, ponds, slants, all sorts of obstacles; and if you are going to play that golf course without the help of an instructor, well... good luck! See you in the next lifetime!


.......Because it's those who see through the eyes of the Masters, rising your level of awareness to that fact, through the cooperation of their own life essence, coupled with whatever members of the race they can imbued with their Masters' vision, enthusiasm and light, that these books [of the "Bridge"] are written for. These books are not written for students. These books are not written for followers. These books are not written for disciples. These books are written for chelas. And it is a great privilege to have access to these books as a student, if you are not a chela. For here again, how can you become a chela, if you do not know what a chela is all about? So you start preparing yourselves, right? It's like a Catch-22. And the point is that you need to have access to these books. People ask, "How come, if I am not a chela , that I can read these books?" How come? Well, because otherwise, you wouldn't know what being a chela is all about. And the key point of this sojourn on Earth is to get to a point when "their own vision is developed." What we have here is Elohim Vista (of the Fifth Ray) interacting with you all along. That means you can never say, if you want to become a chela, "I don't want to hear or know about it, I do not understand that." You can never say, "That is not according to my nature. I rather put it away." Because that would mean you are blocking your own sight. That's the moment when you say, "You know, this doesn't go quite with my way of being. But then again, I am an aspiring chela. So, beloved Elohim Vista, come to my aid, I want to see this, which I don't quite see right now." Why? Because you have certain aspirations.


.......You aspire to become a chela, and you might as well work at it. Work on the development of your own vision. Mother Mary says in her book of "Memories": "The chela (here we have again that really catchy word) has to work to such a point, that he or she can identify the radiation without the aid of any external source." That means a lot of work. And that's why I give a two-day seminar of eight hours, called the "The Sound of Light", which consists of light and music through which we can help the students to develop the sensitivity to different radiations through the music of the great composers of Western Civilization, and so on and so forth. But then again, if you decide you don't have time for this, that you just want to sit down and do whatever you can with whatever you have, I would say, "Well, fine, keep on being a student then." Get your self a professor, a teacher, an instructor, because a chela has to be working with the Master; and the Master doesn't understand the fact that, "Well, Master, you know that I have to go on vacation. You must understand that I have to go with my husband to this convention." And the Master will say, "You are working with Me! What about Me? And I need you right now!" Ask Geraldine Innocente, at four o'clock in the morning the Master would wake her up saying: "I need to work. Take down the following dictation." Ask Madame Blavasky and all those who have done this kind of work about this. So when Werner said yesterday, "I don't want to be a messenger. I don't care about that," I said, "Neither do I!" Yes, because I know what that entails: a lot of work! And the Masters side with beloved Serapis Bey, when He says, "I don't have to understand anything. You either ascend or you don't." Lets assume that beloved Serapis would tell you, " in order to ascend you have to climb to 100,000 feet." "Well, Master," you say, "I only made it to 70,000. It should mean something, right?" "Well", interrupts the Master, "that means zero!" "Oh, but you have to give me at least partial credit for what I accomplished," you'd argue. "No partial credit," the Master would respond, "you either make the ascension or you don't, because at 70,000 feet there was a big mountain and you just crashed against it. So what explanation do you want? You didn't make it. Next in line, please!" This is why Serapis Bey is one of the less popular Masters among humankind.


.......The same applies to Pallas Athenea. "Don't bring to Me this issue about the white lies," She would say, "you know I don't buy that. Either you are the Truth, for Truth, in Truth... or not! I'm not interest in the fact that the Truth is absent in you from Monday thru Friday, but present on Saturday. That's why everybody calls on Lady Venus. Beauty. Everybody wants beauty! On Mother Kwan Yin... everybody claims: "Oh, Mother, mercy...!" But the Truth? Oh, no, no, no, no, no! Nobody wants truth! And these (Serapis and Pallas) are the true key characters that handle the elevator of the Ascension, these are the gate keepers. And They know it! So, when the students stomp out of Serapis's Retreat leaving a trail of dust behind in their hasty run, Serapis says, "Oh, I don't have any trouble. with this. They'll have to come back here again. This is the only way out... and I have the key!"


.......So, if you don't want to pledge to Serapis Bey, because He is too strict, because He doesn't compromise, and you say, "I don't want people like that", well, Go. You leave. You'll go around to a point when you'll say, "I have to do this." And you'll have to come back to Serapis, and you'll have to come back to Pallas Athenea... sooner or later! And the key here, that has us together is for it to be SOONER. Because that "later business" is not acceptable! So, you see the key of the teachings is not so much the fact that "I know about this", the key of the teachings is not that the Masters have to understand that I have a life and its obligations; the key of teaching is: "Are you or aren't you willing to be the Light of the world?" Period! And being the light of the world means being the sun. As far as I know -I don't know about here in California, but in Panama the sun shines every day. At six o'clock sharp, the dawn breaks and at six o'clock, it sets. Every day, one can count on that. Is it the same here? (public laughs) Hey, I don't know. I ask because perhaps you could say, "no, this is California , here we only have sun three days a week." I have to respect that, because if that's your case, well, that's your case! But it seems that it's the same here and there: The sun shines every day! How would you feel I you'd wake up and you see a big sign on the sky: "The sun is out. No sun today. I went on vacation. See you on Monday." (public laughs) And you have to understand that! You have to understand, you know? The sun has been working all these years without a break. No vacations. Come on! He also has the right to a little R&R, doesn't he? Come on, you have to understand that! And what would you say? Just like Serapis Bey, you'd cry: "I don't understand this! This is not acceptable!" You see? And that's what we demand, we do not do apply a reciprocal treatment here. We demand that we be understood, but we don't understand.


.......And that's the two. That's number two. And, what are we learning here? The Law of One. This is the Law of One: One Presence - One family - One life- and as long as we say "two", we immediately know we are not here [at one], we are somewhere else. And when I talk about "not being here", I'm tallking about the fact that the Teachings and us are apart. Jesus Christ said many things that for many years I thought were really cruel, really hard. »Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.»[Matthew 5:48] I'd said, "Man, that's tough! You know, I'm human, I have my frailties. How come Jesus says this to ME?" And I got to the point in which I said, "either Jesus Christ is telling the truth of He is a liar. It cannot be that He is saying the truth on this and He is a liar on that." And the biggest problem was when the established church said that Jesus Christ was the only begotten Son. I said, "I got my answer, Jesus Christ is a liar. He is a liar! Thank you for answering me!" Why do I say he is a liar? Well, you just said it: If Jesus Christ is the only begotten son, then He is a liar (and cruel at that!) because He said, "Let me show you how to pray: OUR Father, who art in heaven...". What's all this "our-father" business, if He [Jesus] is the only One? So, what do you mean by "Our Father"? It should be "My Father, who art in heaven". But He said no, no, "OUR Father..." Therefore, there is a two somewhere in here, and the two obviously is not with Jesus. Because Jesus was a being of all Seven Rays -including the Fifth. He was a man of Truth, and everything He said was the truth. Not like He was the truth sometimes when He was in a good mood, and then when He was upset - like with the merchants and currency changers at the temple- He was a liar. He was the Truth all the time! Period! Just like the sun, shining all the time (in spite of a cloud here and there that would state the opposite). And Jesus said, »Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.» He wasn't saying, "I know that you CAN be [perfect]." No. It's an admonition to BE perfect. You HAVE to. That's your goal. You can make it. "You see, I was born for that," says Jesus -before [Jesus] nobody had made it- "I was born without knowing, out of the womb of a woman. And I found my way, just like you, walking... asking... falling... getting up... wiping off your knees... putting a little band aid on and keeping on walking... and I found my mission; and I made it manifest, I realized it. And here comes the second one: »The works I do ye shall do also, and greater works than these yee shall do» [John 14:12] That is, "if I can do it, so can you." Just like Neil Amstrong. If Neil Amstrong could go to the moon, so can you. Before Armnstrong, nobody had made it, nobody had ever gone to the moon. People would say: "Perhaps it is impossible. Perhaps if you go to the moon you will sink in a huge quick sand." Neil Amstrong came and said, "A small step for man, a big leap for mankind." Here I am. So if he could make it, so can you, so can we all. And that's exactly what Jesus did. And that's what we have to figure out, what was that made Him say, »He that hath seen me hath seen the Father» [John 14:9], because »I and my father are one.» [John 10:30] As you can see, Jesus was in the Law of One. And I ask you today, whoever hath seen you, sees the Father? No??? Why not?.... Why not? Why can't you say what Jesus said, »He that hath seen me hath seen the Father»? You don't have to go anywhere. Just look at me. Jesus is Jesus, and I know that. But Him and you and I are the same: a threefold flame. What is the difference between you and Jesus? Why can He say "yes", and you say "no"? Because He was anchored in the One, while we are still oscillating between the two, the three, the four, the six, the seven and the sixty-four! You see, that's all!


.......You see, the fact is that sometimes you decide that you are a banker, and you behave as such, as if you didn't have a soul. You have to wheel and deal, which leads you sometimes to say truth and some other times not to. And then you become a card player at night. You say, "I am not a banker anymore, now I'm a card player." You play poker and, of course, you have to bluff. And that's okay. It's okay for you to behave that way, since everybody says, "No, you see, he is a banker, he's got no soul; he's a card player, he's a bluffer" And everybody knows that in order to be a good politician, you have to be a crook. In the mind of most people, politician equals crook. Even though Nixon said he was not a crook, that doesn't make any difference. Everybody says, "that's okay, we all understand it." And just because you are a banker without soul, a lying card player or a corrupt politician, that doesn't mean that society will reject you, that nobody would want to befriend you. On the contrary! In order to be a good poker player, you HAVE to bluff, and everybody accepts it as such. And as long as you are in that attitude, in that frame of mind, you are in the two. And then you don't know why when you say, "Beloved Presence of God I AM", etc....., nobody answers. And these same people say, "you know what? These teachings are no good. You know? I invoke, I do decrees and... nothing happens!" No, my dear friend, the one that is no good is you!, because you are not doing what you are suppose to do.


.......You see, this planet Earth is a school. We didn't come here to have fun or to suffer (although we end up having fun and suffering anyway). I had a friend in high school and another one in college that thought the same. The guy in college took six years to get out of college, and he finally was more or less "eased out" by the establishment. (audience laughs) Yes, the Dean called him and said, "You know what? We are going to let you graduate even though your grade point doesn't make it." Because my friend had the attitude that college was there to have fun, not to study. I heard him say that he planned to be in college during the next 14 years. (audience laughs) When I got to college, he had already been there for three years, and his motto was: "I'm gonna have fun! It's party time!" And he would study JUST enough so that he wouldn't get kicked out. He would get 1.98, rounded 2.0 just about, so that he won't get kicked out. But he wouldn't make a single effort to get out of there. Finally the Dean said, "come here, we are gonna let you go. We are going to give you a degree." "I don't want it", my friend would say. "Well, you are gonna get it, like it or not. You are gonna get it, or else you'll get fired, you'll be dismissed. What will it be?" And my friend said reluctantly, "Okay, give me the paper." And he was SO sad. He was crying on graduation day, and those weren't happy tears. (audience laughs) He was heartbroken, he said, "My happy days are over!" And in high school, I had a friend that took him ten years to get out of high school (My high school was a five years high school. It is a different system than here) He repeated every year, every year he did twice. And finally, they told him, "you have to go". He was like a 24 years old high-school senior, because he thought school was to have fun and, of course, he did every thing in his power to minimized pain, to minimized discomfort. Because he thought, "I am here to have fun." But we are not here on Earth to have fun nor to suffer either, this is not a valley of tears. We didn't come here to suffer. That assertion, "Oh, I am paying this karma!" Oh, come on! We are not here to pay (although we do end up paying). That's not the purpose of this incarnation.. or of the one before... or the one after. We are here TO LEARN or to remember what we already know that we forgot. I don't have any objection with either of the two approaches.


.......And if you don't have that attitude, and you think you are here to have fun or to suffer, to pay or to get paid, well...(alarm buzzing sound) WRONG! You are going to get the wrong answer ALL the time. And you are going to become vain when you have a good time and embittered when you have a bad time... when you are not suppose to get either! You are supposed to take it as a learning experience. And, you see, one of the big turning points happened when I emarked in the translation to Spanish of Serapis Bey's teaching, and I put them all in one book and suddenly I realized: "Oh, you came to the temple of Luxor and the Master says, with a stern look in His face, "What do you want?" "I want to ascend." "Oh, you want to ascend? Good, we are going to help you do just that!!! And instead of the fourteen obstacles that you are set up to face in this lifetime (according to the agreement that you set up with the Karmic Board before embodying), we are going to give you forty nine! How about that? Because that's what you need in order to ascend [i.e. graduate] quickly." This made me remember when I went to Berklee [ College of Music ] in Boston . People would take four years to complete the B.Mus curriculum. I did it in two, and on top of it all, gratuated "Summa cum Laude". How did I do that? Well, by taking 25 credits a semester instead of the standard fourteen. And the Registrar would tell me, "You are crazy. You cannot do that." And I would say, "Yes, I can." "But you need a 3.8 GPA". "I have 3.9." "But you need a signed permission from the professors." "Here are all the permission". And then he got all ruffled and blasted: "See if I care, kill yourself. Die if you want!", and signed my registration forms. I didn't die, of course, and I completed the career as composer/arranger in two years time. Needless to say, I was working like a madman, because this load included two courses by competition, that is, in order to get permission to register, I had to enter a competition in order to get a seat in the course. Out of 100 people trying out, 20 were chosen, and I was among the 20, so I had to work a lot. And I had not one but TWO of these at the same time! And I completed the "full ride" in two years. So I said, that is what we do when we go to Luxor , exactly the same. I said, "I don't want these 12-credit semesters, I want 30-credit semesters, because I want to get out of here." Beloved Serapis Beys says, "Fine, We are going to give you a hand." And He endorses you to the Brotherhood of Luxor, who will put 1,000 obstacles on your way for you to jump, to overcome. So, when go through a "bad" spot in your life and you cry out, "Beloved Serapis Bey, Beloved Masters, what is the matter? Help me! Where are you? Why have you forsaken me", they will say, "We are right here!" Oh, and all those obstacles? "We put them there." You see, it weren't the bad guys who put them in your path, it were the GOOD guys! It is not the sinister force, it is the good guys, since you asked for it! And Beloved Serapis Bey says that whenever you do what you have to do, all those appearances will disappear as if by magic. And what is it that you have to do? Very simple: LOOK WITHIN. Look within! Invoke your Mighty Presence I AM to action ALWAYS!


.......For example, you go to the doctor, you take x-rays and they say you have cancer in the liver. Run for the May clinic, run for Houston ! And when they say, "Oh, we are sorry, we cannot do anything for you," it's then and ONLY THEN that you say "Oh, Beloved Master!" It's only then that we go to the Mighty Presence? Come on! And you expect it to be successful call? You have to be aware that the Bible start by saying, "In the beginning, God." But in OUR personal Bible it seems like it's written, "In the END, God." (audience laughs) The last resource: God. So we are in the two. And so, we have to expect what number two offers. And what is that? What does number two offers, number three, number four or whatever the number? Well, whatever Number One does not! In other words, to be on two (or 3, or 4 or 67, but not on One) would mean that you would NOT get what One has or is. Does this sound logical to you? How can you get what One has if you are in two? How can you eat Panamanian food if you are in the North Pole? You eat in the North Pole what they have available in the North Pole [Seal meat, I don't know what they eat there]. But if you want to have Jamaican food, it would be nice to be in Jamaica, even though there can be some restaurants saying, "Authentic Jamaican Food in California" Solange would say, "This food is okay, but if you want to try this you have to go to Kingston ." [Right Solange?] That's it. If you want Nigerian food, there is a nice restaurant in New York that has it, but it is not quite like in Lagos . There is always that "little touch" that is missing, I do not know what it is. Of course, because in order for you to get Nigerian food, you have to be in Nigeria . That's not so hard to understand! Well, the same thing happens with the teaching of the Masters. There is the Law of One, and if you are not in One -you are in two, or in three or in four- you will not get what One has. So, what do you have to do? Well, BECOME ONE WITH THE ONE. Not know the One. Not recite the One, but BE the One, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. And I don't think that's hard either!


.......Freddy here is a man 24 hours a day. I am a man 24 hours a day. I don't change overnight and neither he not me have to break a sweat to acomplish it. Just as Annette is a woman 24 hours a day and I don't think she has any problem with that either. She doesn' have any problem sustaining her womanhood (or us men sustaining our manhood). She is not sweating it out hoping that it doesn't go away. No! It's a natural thing. Why we cannot do the same with the Teachings? Why we cannot be the Light of the world? Why is it SO hard? Because, we are already Light, we are already children of God. And the Teachings say that there is no justification whatsoever in the whole Cosmos for a son of Light to pour darkness. Oh, you can do it. You can become darkness, that's where the free will kicks in. But be aware that you are doing it ON YOUR OWN. You have no justification, you have no explanation, there is no reason whatsoever that would explain or justify that you, being a son of light, turn out darkness. You can do it, because you have free will, but you'd flying without a chart, and doing so without authorization from the control tower. You're on your own, and you are bound, most likely, to end up in disaster. And all we have to do is realize that! Whenever you say, "I am being destructive. I am really speaking badly about this person, because this person, really double-crossed me and hurt me deeply, so now I am going to destroy him," oh, you can do that, but be sure that you will be doing that on your own. You are not in the One, because there is no justification, there is no reason for a son of Light to turn out darkness.


.......It is exactly in those moments, when you say, "You know, I am facing darkness here. This person is double-crossing me. He is stealing my business/stealing my reputation/cheating with my spouse. But I am a child of Light!" And, what does a Child of Light does? I forgive. I say, "This is shadow, I will put forth the other side of the coin, which is Light," following after what Jesus Christ stated. He didn't say "put the other cheek" because He was a masochist. Jesus was refering to the fact that in this tri-dimmensional plane of actividy, the other cheek of darkness is Light, and I already know that. What do I accomplish doing that? Balance. Equilibrium. I don't answer darkness with darkness, never. Why? Because I am aware that I am a Child of Light. And that's what we are here to learn. And that's why we have so much darkness around. Because this is a school and we must have props in order to learn this. Because this is not a matter of, "Oh, yes, I am a son of Light, I know." Show me the money! Let me see! Let it show in and through you! It's not enough for you to say that you know. I want to see proof! Just like the Karmic Board will say, "Well, who will back this up?" and don't say, "I will." Let me see the money! And until I see it, I won't buy it. And the motto of this lectur is "It has to show!" And in Spanish it is, "¡Se tiene que notar!" It has to show! It cannot be that I am a son of the light, a learner of the Teachings, but its so well hidden that no one can tell. Jesus Christ was very explicit on this point when He said, »Yee are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel.» [Matthew 5:14-15] You do not light a candle and put it under the table, or under the bed. You put it on top, so that it can benefit everybody. That's a clear explanation of what we have to do.


.......And, what does all this have to do with our class here today? A lot of times you've heard: The New Age of Saint Germain will bring brotherhood of Elementals, angels and man. You say, "Oh, yes, yes, I am all for that! Come in." And the key question is: what are you going to do about that? "Oh," you'd say, "I love elementals. Oh, when I go to Mt. Shasta and I see those little trees. Oh, I have devotion for the angels." I didn't say, what do you feel, I said, "What are you going to do about it?" And that's when the "oh, there is nothing I can do about it" comes to the surface. Oh, yes there is something, a lot that you can do about it! You see, the source of all the inharmony that we have in the world is you. YOU are the source of that lack of harmony, because you are not doing what you are supposed to do. Doesn't it makes you suspicious, when Archangel Michael says, "I bow and bend my knee in front of the threefold flame that you are"? Doesn't that makes you suspicious? It should make you VERY suspicious that the Prince of Heaven, the Archangel Michael himself says that He bows in front of you and me! This little speck of man? Yes, and He bows and bents his knee, and says, "Hail to the creative force in man!" That HAS to make you suspicious immediately, because the forces of the universe are telling you the key to this plan. And that's why they bow to you. That's why the elementals follow your every order. That's why the angels cater to your needs. It is not because you have a beautiful face (that you do!). It is because you are A CREATOR. But you are not behaving like such. You are behaving like a destructor. You are doing exactly the opposite.


.......Of course, you have your own reasons, nobody's crazy. You have all the reasons in the world to behave the way you are because "this country in which I live", "the society in which", "my father didn't do this" or "my mother did that".... and we are not here to suffer, we are here to learn. And all those elements, all those characteristics, just like Werner said in the past lecture: You chose to do this plan. So, instead of blaming the other person, the attitude should be, "why did I put this here?" "What did I expect to acomplish when I put this or that obstacle in my own path?" "Why did I choose this mother and this father?" Because I chose mine and you chose yours, there is no question about that! And we are here to learn the Law of Balance, the Law of Magnetic Attraction and Emission. We are supposed to constitute ourselves into the center of the universe -like the heart. And the heart is the best example of perfect equilibrium between receiving and sending, between magnetizing and irradiating. The heart doesn't keep one single drop of blood for itself. It gets ten in, it pumps ten out. It is so much so that the blood that the heart needs for its own operation comes from a different source. He has his own circuit of supply, the heart. And notice that there is no cancer of the heart. That's the only organ in the human body that has there's no cancer of. Because cancer is a disease of fear, and the heart does not know fear... at all! So, going back to the heart, we are supposed to be the heart of our universe, we magnetize and we irradiate. The only thing is that we magnetizing one thing and irradiating another, and then we wonder why the machine doesn't work properly. It says "unleaded gasoline" and you put "diesel fuel". And then you say, "this car stinks, doesn't work. It was a bad purchase, I've been stuck with a lemon" No, my friend, it's not the car that stinks, is the the bad decision you made.

.......Within the equilibrium that WE [mankind] are supposed to learn in this life time, is that brotherhood of man, angels and elementals that Saint Germain was talking about. And the key of that brotherhood does not belong to the Masters, does not belong to the angels and does not belong to the elementals. It depends on you to do the work that you are supposed to do: to become that equilibrium.


.......You see, one of the Teachings that we run the risk of turning "I know" instead of "I am" is that of the Seven Rays. Oh, yes, the Seven Rays -blue, yellow, pink, white, green, gold-ruby, violet. What do you do with them? Oh, you just recite them like if it was a poem, but you don't do anything with them. And therin lies the problem. This instruction was not given to you for you to know, this instruction was given to you for you to be. And if you are not, then you are in trouble. And if you know you are in trouble, let's work to get out of it, and to make it right.


.......For example, in the First Ray-Blue, we have the two activities of the Cosmic Law. We have the centripetal force and the centrifugal force, what I absorb or magnetize and what I emit or send forth. What do I need for the Blue Ray to work in me? This one is going to be the first one, so I am going to be easy on you, I am going to tell you. The first thing you have to absorb is Faith. Faith is a characteristic of the angels of the First Ray. And what is Faith but certainty. Whenever you go in a plane, you have faith that the plane says, Copa Flight 977, Los Angeles-Panama. You are not shaking and trembling, saying to the stewardess, "Oh, I don't want to go to Hawaii . I don't want to go to Turkey . Are you sure this plane is going to LA?" Oh, no, you have faith! Why? Because you have jumped in many planes before and they've taken you to the place they said they were taking you to. So you say, 977 to Panama, oh, this is going to Panama . As a matter of fact, they say, "Ladies and gentlemen, this plane is going to Panama, if you are not going to Panama , this is a good time to disembark!" They say it over and over again over the loudspeaker. Too bad if you are so busy doing a crossword puzzle that you don't listen to what they are saying, that's your problem.

.......Faith is what you absorb. You don't have faith if you are not certain of this, if you accept it just because Werner says so, or because Annette pierces you with those fiere blue eyes, saying: "You have to do this or that!" You have faith because you have already tested it, proved it in your own life. Yes, faith. I know I don't have it, but I know who does: Beloved Archaii Faith and the Angels of the First Ray. So, if you are a little short on faith, now you know who to call: "Beloved Faith, send me a couple of containers of Faith." The question is going to be, as Werner says, "To do what?" "Oh, I need to have faith." That's not so, you do not NEED to. Show me what do you need that faith for and then we'll talk. What are you going to do with it? And that's what I ask you. Can the elementals do something, construct something with faith? The answer is no. The elementals would say, "What do you expect me to do with this? I cannot do anything with faith, this is an angelic characteristic. I am an elemental, hey! Give me something I can use." And, what can the elementals do something with? Well, Enthusiasm. That's something the elementals can do something with it. And who can do the transfer? Well, man, that's man's job, and transmute faith into enthusiasm through the transmuting characteristic of the Violet Flame that you are!

.......How can you tell a person of the blue ray or a person that has been imbued with the blue ray? Because of the enthusiasm. Not because of his commanding presence, saying, "You do this! You do that!", or because he is a very angry person and inspires fear! Oh, no, that's not a manifestation of the blue ray, but one of its vices, of its distortions. But the manifestation, the true manifestation of the blue ray is the enthusiasm that the person sends forth without even talking. Everybody hears like, "Attention!" and he hasn't even said a word, because it is that enthusiasm that works against lethargy, against inertia.


.......Second Ray-Yellow or Gold (whatever). What do you magnetize with the Yellow Ray? WISDOM, and be advised that wisdom is not equal to knowledge. Wisdom is knowledge administered with love. And wisdom means to know exactly what to say and when - including not saying anything at all. It is that silence that Karyn was talking about yesterday [in music class]. Music is made up of notes and silences, and in that balance between sound and the absence of sound is the equilibrium that we call music. Otherwise, it'd be noise. And, what do you issue, what do you send forth when you are a person of the Second Ray? Once you magnetize wisdom, how can you tell a person of second ray? By the resulting Illumination (enlightment). What does this mean? It means that the person that has been enlighted has the power of giving you exactly the voltage that you need for your own needs. It doesn't do you any good to be put down by your teacher and be told, "You know, you are a piece of insect. You don't know anything. You are dumb. You are a waste of time in the universe! And I say so because I know so much, I gave you already the teachings and you don't understand, you get out of my sight." The person that is imbued by the Second Ray says, "Let's see how far we need to go to illuminate your path. And if it's necessary to go to .05 volts from the standpoint of a [dam] of 25,000 volts, so be it." That's how you can spot a Second-Ray person. It is not the person that recites Sanskrit and Tibetan and Pali, and gets everybody to say, "Oh, this guy knows a lot! I didn't understand ANYTHING of what he said, but it was wonderful." I know guys who go to lectures and they say, "Oh, this guy is a monster." "What did he say?" "I didn't understand a word, but he really knows what he is talking about." For me, that's no good! For me, that doesn't do anything for anybody except for the ego of the so-called "wise man". And that doesn't contribute one bit to the benefit of the world.


.......Third Ray-Pink. Here's a the ray that everybody likes. What do I magnetize? LOVE! That was easy. Everybody wants love. And you see, this is one of the main objectives, and that is why I am with a pink tie, here. Now, you ask for love and you got love. How can you tell that you are a person of the Third Ray? "Oh, because she is so loving. She gives you a hug every time and says, "Baby, I love you!" No, that's not the way. How can you tell you are in front of a person of the third ray? Because she is a CONFORTING PRESENCE. These are two characteristics that everybody wants to GET, but nobody wants to GIVE. Everybody want to be loved, everybody wants to be made comfortable. Everybody says, "Oh, I want people to love me." Everybody wants that! But nobody says, "I want people to love." And if you ask for love, you have to become a comforting presence. No wonder this is the hardest ashram of all: the ashram of Beloved MahaChohan. Why? Because He teaches you to be a comforting presence IN SPITE OF all. You are a comforting presence to friends and enemies alike, to Christians and Moors, black and white, short and tall; and it doesn't make any difference what they do or don't do for you. You are a comforting presence, and then, you become a person of the third ray.


.......Fourth Ray-White. What do we magnetize here? PURITY, this being a trait that nobody likes. Nobody wants that. Purity, just as a said on Thursday, is not what people think it is. It is not that you are pure just because you don't eat meat, you don't drink, you don't smoke, you don't peruse porno magazines or go to triple-X movies. Purity entails the unicity of mind, heart, words and actions on one thing. Here we go back to the Law of One, and for this I have a good example. The last job I ever had (which was in 1981, last job I said, not last occupation) was sales manager for the Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company in Panama , number three in command. I was ready for the big time. Anyway, I had a lot of salesmen under me, specially this one that I'm thinking of. As insurance salesman, he was the worst of the lot! Really, my boss would tell me, "Fire this guy." And I used to say, "no, no, let's give him another chance", because he was such a nice guy, really. And the thing was that he had only one thought in mind: booze. On Friday noon, he would come into my office and say, "Jorge, at 5:05, I have a date with Johnny Walker, at the bar right across the street". At 4:45, his eyes would be jumping up and down, as he would say: "Look at my heart, oh, man, only fifteen minutes to go". And at 5:05 sharp, he'd be across the street shouting, "Waiter, Johnny Walker on ice." He was a pure man: he thought booze, he felt booze, he drank booze. Pure drunk but pure anyway. Now, what we have to do is to do exactly the same thing, but with the I AM instead. And, how does that show? How can you tell that you are in front of a person of the Fourth Ray? Not because of something the person says, I am talking about things you can tell immediately because what you see. BEAUTY. Hasn't happen to you, that you see this woman that comes and you say, "oh, boy, what miss universe", and five minutes later, you find yourself thinking, "you know, this woman is not so good-looking after all.", because of the things that come out of her mouth? And ten minutes later, you say, "how did I ever thought this woman was pretty? She is ugly as heck!" And the reverse happens too, you see this person and you say, "Oh my, they let the ugly farm out today." My God! Ten minutes later, you say, "You know, she is cute!" And ten minutes more, you say, "Oh, I am in love! What a beautiful woman!" Why is it? It is a manifestation of purity.


.......Fifth Ray-Green. What do you put forth? How can you tell that a person is a person of the Fifth ray? What this person magnetizes is TRUTH, that Truth (with capital "T") that will make you free. And what does this person put forth? How can you tell you're in front of a Fifth-Ray person or a person imbued by the Fifth Ray? Well, because the person puts forth JOY, HAPPINESS. And it through that happiness that comes healing and wholesomeness and the rest. Please don't tell me, "Oh, this guy is a healer," and you see him grumbling and grunting; "You are healed." This individual might be curing the person, right, but that's not healing. I don't know about you, but I am not interested in curing. I want the permanent stuff. I want healing, permanent. Because the true nature of the I AM (colective and individual) is that of permanent healing. Away with disease and sickness.


.......Sixth Ray - Gold-Ruby. Here you magnetize PEACE. "Oh, that's easy for me," you'd say, "I don't have weapons in my house, not even a sling shot or a b-b-gun. I am all pro peace. I'm all for human rights. That's easy for me." Oh, yeah? Have you forgotten perhaps the greatest activity of war, which is called the complaint (the whinning into empty space)? I am not talking about claiming for your rights. Your soup is cold. "Waiter, this soup is cold. Please, bring me a new one." That's called claiming for your rights. That's not a complaint. Complain is approaching the person in the next table, "How is your soup, mister? Is it good? Mine is bad, it's plain lousy. This restaurant really stinks. How about you, ma'am? I am telling you this restaurant is no good. This is awful food!" That is an activity of war. And you rest assured about that, because you don't want a solution to your problem. You just want to send forth your dissatisfaction... and that's called war. When you are close to a complaining person, pretty soon you end up complaining yourself, you end up in an activity of war. And the one I like best of all is the silent complaint. [A person fanning herself because of the hot climate.] "What's the matter with?" "Nothing, I am fine, I am fine." [and keeps on fanning, looking up and taping with the foot] Five minutes with a person like this and you'll to kill somebody! It's true! Look at yourself. I can do this, because I look at myself under this prism. If you want to be part of the Golden Era, this is what is required for you to be all the time. And do the inventory, just as Master Saint Germain says. Don't be shy. Don't be afraid. Empty your pockets, all of them, don't leave anything there. Because if you don't have peace in your life, if you don't attract peace, you cannot attract opulence. You cannot emit, you cannot send forth opulence. And watch, I didn't say, ministration or provision or the good old fashion green-backed money. But to tell you the truth, I am not into money, I am into OPULENCE. People say, "Well, money is opulence." And I say, "Oh, yeah? You think so? Have you ever been to Cuba ? People there have money, lots of it. But they have nothing to buy." "Oh, that's different," you'd say. Oh, no, no, no, it is not. That's just an example, because you can have money, tons of money, but you cannot drink anything, you cannot eat anything, because you have no kidneys, and you are hooked up to a dialysis machine; and your diet consists of a little piece of boiled chicken with lemon and a tiny cup of some green liquid. That's it for you, every day. How about that? For me, that's not opulence. For me, that's sadness. This person is poor as hell, no matter how millionaire he may be, no matter what his bank balance could state.

.......So, you see, the Gold-Ruby Ray is not the ray of money "give me the cassshhhh!", as some people think). It is the ray of, "whenever-I-need something-there-it-is." And whenever I don't need it anymore, there it ceases to exist. And every time I get to this point, before that, you need peace. For this you need to be attracting peace, and it is really impossible to magnetize peace if you have this complaining attitude, with all due respect and rights. It is hot, so you have the right to complain, "It is so hot!" Or, au contraire, "It is cold! There is so much snow! Oh, I hate this!" You have all the rights. Do you really? Do you have all the right in the world to complain? The answer is NO! The answer is no, you don't. You have no right to complain. Whatever right you may have is to say: "Mighty Presence of God I AM, thank you for all these gifts. Because right now it is hot here, that means it is cold somewhere else." And when it is cold here, say: "Thank you God, that it is going to be hot pretty soon." So there is always pleasantness coming out of your lips. No matter what reasons you may have to say the opposite, you must say, "I am Light. I am the light of this world." Then you will attract, magnetize peace, and with such peace, of course, opulence will a natural result. And every time I come to this point in this lecture, I ask people, "Have you read The Magic Presence [by Godfre Ray King]? Do you remember when Beloved Saint Germain said to Rex, Perla, Nada and Bob: »I'm gonna take you all with Me on a trip through Asia , but, specially you ladies, no luggage please!»" Isn't that nice? Wouldn't that be nice? "Hmm, I am a little hungry now, I feel like some crab salad." And, lo and behold, a movement of the hand and there it is: crab salad. And after you are done, another sweeping movement of the hand and the dishes dissapear, no washing. "Hmm, this nice weather, I would like to go swimming." Out go the coat and tie and in comes the swimming suit. Then you jump in the wonderfully refreshing water and swim to your heart's content; and once you are done, you just have to sweep with your hand to get a towel, it is right there! You dry yourself, and, alas, the towel disappears once you're done with it, reapearing your coat and tie again. If you could do this, would you need a wardrobe? If you would say, "I need to go to this or that place," and you could dismantle your body here, putting it together there, would you need a bank account? You wouldn't. I know wouldn't want to have one. So, you see, it is not the money you have in the bank. It is the CONSCIENCE OF OPULENCE, backed by the PEACE that you have attracted. You have become a pacifier, a peacemaker. Not in vane, Jesus Christ said, »Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the childern of God» [Matthew 5:9]. And who is a son of God? Whoever says, "Need money? Need bread? here it is! Need 5,000 pieces of bread? No problem! Give them out, we are going to give 10,000 if necessary." Why? Because I am the Opulence!


.......And of course, the Seveth Ray-Violet. What do we magnetize here? We attract MERCY. Mercy is the awareness, just like compassion, that we are all the same (a three-fold flame). I'm not talking about sympathy, which consists in "I am okay and you are not okay." Mercy is the awareness that we are all okay. And the problem is in the fact I know so, and apparently you don't. But we're all okay. And my job, being an magnetizing presence of Mercy, is to liberate, to project FREEDOM, forgiveness. You cannot forgive or liberate anyone if you are not attracting Mercy, if you think you are still okay and somebody is not. Because that's a lie, we are all the same: three-fold flames. Creators, all with the same rights and duties, even though the person you might be thinking about is a serial killer, there isn't any difference. And that only comes from magnetizing mercy. Ask to Mother Kwan Yin, because She is the one that has handles the Flame of Mercy for all humankind. A student of mine said, "I don't know this mercy you're talking about!" Good, good for you, you are already past the half-way mark. Ask Mother Kwan Yin. You want it? Yes? Ask for it. To whom? To Mother Kwan Yin, that's what you have the Teachings for.


.......You see, that's how you can tell the people from the Seven Rays, by their proyecting Enthusiasm, Illumination, Comfort, Beauty, Happiness, Opulence, and Freedom left and right; because these people have magnetized Faith, Wisdom, Love, Purity, Truth, Peace and Mercy. And you know what else? You know what we need to do? ALL OF THESE AT THE SAME TIME.... and this is what "True Love" is all about

.......Jesus Christ was a catalogue of this. He would manifest all Seven Rays at the same time. The disciples didn't know that, when the priests sent twenty guards to capture him, and He said, "nobody touches these guys, Let's go!" And the guards split up, and Jesus and the disciples just walked through. And when they went back to the temple, the priests inquired "What happenned with Jesus?" "Well, we don't know," the guards will say [scratching the head] "But, there were twenty of you, what's the matter with you? How come you couldn't bring in one single man?" And the leading guard would say, "I don't know, Jesus said, 'Let's go", snd He went." And, commenting on this fact, the disciples later said in the Gospels, "His hour hadn't come yet," in order to explain something that they couldn't figure out either. But it was, because He was the Blue Ray manifested. Nobody touched Him that He didn't want them to. As a matter of fact, He said, "Take me!" when they came to pick Him up in the events leading to the crucifixion. "Take me, I am the One, because I say, 'Now is the time'."

....... Jesus was a Master of Teaching. It is unfortunate though that the Western culture has focused mainly on the miracles. I am going to tell you one thing. I did this once, I got my Bible and blocked out with a piece of paper, all the miracles. Whenever there was a miracle, I would put a piece of paper over it. It'd surprise you to see whats left: The most wonderful spiritual taching in the world. Do it sometime. You'll find yourself with one of the most beautiful books in the whole world of spiritual teachings, of the highest calibre.

.......Mother Mary, says that when Jesus was going to ascend, He asked to keep the people from following him up Betany Hill, but She couldn't hold them. As soon as He started his climb, people woke up and followed him there, because of the love that was emanating from Him. It would pierce walls, penetrate windows, go through stone, whatever.

.......Jesus was was undoubtedly a being of beauty and purity.

.......Needless to say, He was a healing presence. Even though when He didn't want to, people would just touch the hem of His garment, and they'd be cured. He didn't even have to impose the hands on anyone. He was a healing presence on His own right.

.......Nobody -ever!- saw Jesus begging for money. As a matter of fact, whenever He needed something, He would bring it down from the Father. He was an opulent presence and, of course, "Forgive them, Father, for they do not know what they are doing." This doesn't require any more explanation.

.......And we not only CAN do this, but we are called upon to do this and MORE. That, my dear brothers and sisters, is the key of True Love. Thank you very much.


I will like to close this lecture with an invocation for which I ask you to stand up and to please to close your eyes. Take a deep breath....

Feel the Light of God in you... not "knowing" it but FEELING it... using that 70% of your energy which makes up your emotional body to expand... and expand... and expand the Light of God, that I AM that you are... that we ALL are as One with the Father.

And in this state of consciousness, we invoke the presence of Beloved Maha Chohan. We invoke to action the Cosmic Fire in its seven-fold activity: blue, yellow, pink, white, green, gold ruby and violet, over us, right now.

Beloved Maha Chohan, just like you did on that first Whitsuntide, COME NOW and pour through us the Flame of the Holy Spirit, as tons of fire that ignite... that stir to action the Divine Being in all of us... so just like the disciples of Jesus Christ, we will also say:

"Beloved Saint Germain, here are your Soldiers of Freedom, ready to execute your orders, ready to love life free, not by words, not by actions, but by the realization of the light that shines with Thy Light. Beloved Saint Germain, walk through us, so that whoever sees us, will see... feel... experience the stirring of the Light of the I AM, leaving no doubt whatsoever in their minds and worlds that we are the co-workers with the Great White Brotherhood in returning this planet to the condition that it once had, and that it shall have again, the Star of Freedom, in Saint Germain's permanent Golden Age.

"We want to keep on going with the Earth, we do not want to go anywhere else... because this is our home, this is our school and we want to be part of the ushering of the Sixth and Seventh Root-Races, helping the Hierarchy in this endeavor.

"And we ask that this be permanently sustained, Almighty I AM. Almighty I AM. Almighty I Am. Thank you Father, because it is so."

And thank you all for the opportunity you give me of being of service. God bless you